Music Department Aims

• Students have the opportunity to fully participate in music lessons, providing it is financially viable.
• Students are supported in selecting the appropriate instrument that they wish to learn.
• The physical environment allows students to have a range of lessons in a suitable surrounding.
• Staff, students and parents are aware of the commitment that learning an instrument will have on the school timetable and the advised level of commitment required out of school hours.

Instrument Security

All instruments must be covered by an adequate insurance policy of accidental damage, loss or theft. Rawmarsh Community School is unable to accept liability for any loss or damage to instruments.

Please ensure your son/daughter’s instrument is clearly labelled with his/her name and address. Instruments should be left at the appropriate place in the Music Department and should be taken home at the end of each day.


Fees For Lessons

Fees will be charged as a half termly lump sum to be billed prior to the beginning of each half term, payment must be received before lessons can be taken. Parents will be asked to sign an agreement to these terms before committing to the lessons.

No charge will be made for the instrumental tuition to a pupil whose tuition is provided as part of the GCSE Music course. Should students wish to do a 5 minute taster session before signing up, they need to see Miss Forshaw, Head of Music.


How to Pay

Our finance department will send out payment details direct to the name and address provided to school. All payment letters will have a personal Barcode this can be taken to any shop that accepts PAYPOINT and paid for in cash. PLEASE NOTE WE CAN NOT ACCEPT ANY CASH/CHEQUE PAYMENT DIRECTLY THROUGH SCHOOL. Please contact our finance office if you are experiencing difficulties making payment.


Text Messages For Absence

Students are expected to attend lessons punctually and lessons missed through illness or absences are normally forfeited. If a student missed a lesson, an email or text message will be sent home to inform the parents/guardians of the pupil.
Pupils should report to the Music Office to explain any absences.

Key Details

• 30 Lessons per year
• See tuition packages for cost details
• Billed prior to the beginning of term
• Pupils come out of normal lessons
• Text messages sent for absences
• Pupils expected to attend extra curricular activities

* See Payment Fees for further details

Extra Curricular

Students receiving instrumental tuition at Rawmarsh Community School are expected to attend at least one extra curricular activity per week.

Currently these include:

• Choir
• School Shows
• African Drumming
• Samba

It is hoped that students will audition for County Bands and Orchestras in the future. Music groups are often asked to play at Local events within the community and students are expected to take part in these occasions.

Instrumental Staff

  • Mrs Bennett (Brass)
  • Mr Broughton (Guitar/Bass Guitar) Mr Cowley (Vocals/Piano/Clarinet)
  • Mrs Dyson (Violin)
  • Mr Kohut (Drums/Percussion)