The Performing Arts are a key part to any school’s success, not just the academic results. This is something very much in evidence at The Wickersley Partnership Trust and is something we are immensely proud of.

As the Wickersley Partnership Trust grows, so will the aspiration and expectation of opportunity afforded to the pupils in our charge. Our responsibility is to inspire and motivate, to create memorable experiences for our young children that build character for their lifetime performance.

We have developed the PAN to ensure our vision for the Performing Arts across our schools is realised; engaging the creative minds, whilst instilling confidence, discipline, and recognition through aspiration and high expectations.

All this can’t happen without our team of highly skilled and dedicated staff, who go above and beyond in making sure that the experience is the very best that it can be. And for this I wish to publicly thank them for all their work. What you will see at our performances is the culmination of many weeks of hard work; real blood, sweat and tears. As always the journey towards production week is always a whirlwind and as the saying goes, ‘Sometimes the journey is more important than the end goal’ – seeing students thrive and grow throughout the process, but the swelling of pride that we as staff, and I’m sure you as parents, feel when the students walk out on stage and deliver is well worth it!